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Treetops VAT Return Services

Does your business need support submitting VAT returns? At Treetops Chartered Accountants we are experts in calculating and filing VAT for a range of large and small businesses.

Who is captured by VAT rules?

VAT or Value Added Tax, affects all businesses with a taxable turnover over £85,000 in a 12-month rolling period. It applies to both Limited Companies and Sole Traders and the rules are complex and regularly changing.

What records do I need to keep?

VAT records can be requested by HMRC during a VAT inspection and will form the basis of the information included on the VAT return. Books and records maintained must be kept up to date and made available to HMRC if reasonably requested by HMRC. You should have supporting evidence for all data included on your VAT returns and how it agrees to your accounting records.

What is Making Tax Digital (MTD)?

Making Tax digital is a new system that HMRC have implemented into the UK tax system, it makes records fully automated, digital and online based.

Starting with businesses above £85,000, there is now a requirement to digitally record and submit VAT returns online.

Why should Treetops be my VAT accountants?

VAT calculations and record keeping can be time consuming and complicated. Whilst some goods or services may be subject to VAT other may not, and failure to identify and apply the correct rates can result in fines and VAT owing to HMRC.

Our team of knowledgeable bookkeepers deal with VAT on a daily basis, and stay abreast of all the changing requirements and regulations. They will advise you of specific VAT treatments for your business and ensure you remain fully compliant.

An accounting expert from Treetops can call you back at a time that suits you.

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