Accountants for Charities

Charity accounts and audits

Operating a charity is one of the most rewarding experiences and really enables you to give back to the community you are serving. Though in order to protect the public there are strict regulations where charities are concerned.

What accounts does a charity need to prepare?

The type of accounts and report which a charity has to prepare depends on:

  • Its legal structure
  • Its income
  • The value of its assets

Every charity (even if its not required to register with the Charity Commission), must keep accounting records and prepare annual accounts. All charities must also prepare a trustees’ annual report.

You may also be required to send the annual accounts and trustees’ annual report to members and approve them at an Annual General Meeting.

What scrutiny will there be of the charity accounts?

All charities with an annual income above £25,000 are required to have either an independent examination of accounts or an audit.

All charities with an annual income above £1m (or with an income over £0.25m and assets over £3.26m) are required to have an audit.

How can Treetops help your charity meets its obligations?

Our team is well versed in all the requirements associated with running a company and are also authorised to audit charities.

We offer fair prices to protect the best interest of your charity and help you break through the red tape to achieve your charity purpose.

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