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Running a limited company requires a strong skill set, determination and energy, not to mention a degree of financial acumen. It’s a tall order, which is why many limited company directors reach out for professional help with their company accounts.

Treetops Chartered Accountants, limited company accountants

At Treetops Chartered Accountants, we understand the many challenges that limited company directors face. As dedicated limited company accountants, we’re here to lighten the load for our clients, ensure they remain compliant, help them save money and establish strong financial roots from which to grow.

Whether you need a bit of assistance with your company tax return or more strategic financial advice to inform your growth plans, Treetops can be a valuable accounting partner.

We work with sole traders looking to branch out and incorporate their business, as well as established limited companies of all sizes. Whatever your aspirations as a company director, our highly qualified team of chartered accountants is here to support you.

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What is a limited company?

A limited company is a type of business structure that is a separate legal entity from its owner(s). It provides limited liability protection to the owner(s), meaning their personal assets are safeguarded against the company’s debts and liabilities.

Limited companies can generate profits, own assets, enter contracts, and sue or be sued in their own right. They are governed by company law regulations and are required to file annual financial statements and other legal documents with the appropriate regulatory bodies, such as Companies House.

What are the benefits of being a limited company?

More tax efficient

One of the biggest advantages of running your business as a limited company is the potential tax savings. As a sole trader, you must pay income tax on your total earnings. Once your profits exceed the Basic Rate band, the rate jumps from 20% to 40%. Limited companies, on the other hand, pay corporation tax, which is currently 25%. You don’t need us to do the maths on that one!

As a director and shareholder of a limited company, you may opt to take a small salary and receive the majority of your income from the business through dividend payments. This can help you reduce your National Insurance contributions; plus, you will only pay dividend tax on the income you receive from the company instead of paying income tax on all your earnings.

Distinct entity and limited liability

As a sole trader, you are not distinct from your business. You are personally liable for any losses the business makes, which means your personal assets, e.g. your car and home, are at risk. While this doesn’t represent a significant risk for many small business owners, it can become more of a concern as a business grows.

A limited company is a completely separate entity from its owner(s), providing the reassurance of ‘limited liability’. Assuming no fraud has taken place, limited liability status means you are not personally liable for any financial losses made by your business.

Professional image

Limited company status demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and accountability, which can elevate the reputation of a business. It can make a business attractive to work with, instilling trust and confidence in clients, suppliers, stakeholders, potential partners and investors.

Our limited company accounting services

Treetops works with all kinds of small businesses to help them manage their limited company accounts, stay compliant and save money. From company formation to tax returns, simple bookkeeping to strategic tax planning, we can support you at every stage of your limited company journey.

Our services are flexible depending on your needs and available for a fixed monthly fee. To find out more and request a quotation, please get in touch.

Here are some examples of our limited company accountancy services:

Company formation

Whether you’re starting a new company or restructuring an existing business, our tailored company formation services provide the support and guidance you need to get started on the right foot. We handle all aspects of company formation, from advising on the most suitable structure for your business to completing and filing the necessary paperwork with Companies House. We’ll also ensure you are fully up to speed with your new responsibilities as a company director.


Our bookkeeping services can help alleviate the burden of day-to-day record-keeping, allowing you to concentrate on running your business. Our team is highly proficient in the latest cloud accounting software, ensuring your financial transactions are accurately recorded, categorised, and reconciled in real time.


If you find managing payroll in-house cumbersome and complex, the Treetops team can take it off your hands. We are highly experienced in running small and large payrolls and can ensure you fulfil your PAYE obligations. We’re also here for advice on managing auto-enrolment.

VAT and tax

Our team can help you fulfil your company’s VAT and corporation tax liability with ease using the latest MTD-compatible accounting software. We can ensure your compliance and help you identify all available deductions to help retain as much profit as possible. Our knowledgeable team can also work with you on advanced tax planning strategies to increase your business’s tax efficiency now and in the future.

Along with corporation tax returns, we can offer expert financial advice on your personal tax affairs and devise tax-efficient strategies to secure your financial future.

Annual statutory accounts

Our limited company accountants can assist you with financial statement preparation, including balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow statements. We will ensure that your annual accounts are submitted on time to HMRC and Companies House to avoid unnecessary penalties and provide you with valuable peace of mind.

Why choose Treetops as your limited company accountant?

While being a limited company director has many benefits, it also comes with many administrative and financial responsibilities. Treetops has you covered to help you stay compliant with your legal obligations and build a healthy financial foundation on which to grow.


Our team has years of limited company accounting experience across a variety of industries. You can rest easy knowing that your finances are in the hands of an experienced team of chartered accountants who have your company’s success at heart.

Value for money

We provide an upfront quote each year, and your fee includes unlimited access to our team. Do you have questions about growing your business or queries about your tax position? Simply pick up the phone, drop us an email, or pop in for a chat with one of our team members for no extra cost.

We make limited company accounting easy

Accounting and tax compliance can be complex and time-consuming. As experts in your field, we understand you have more important things to think about. So, it is our mission to make accounting simple and easy to understand.

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Frequently asked questions about limited company accounting services

Do limited companies need an accountant?

As a small business owner, you can choose to manage your own accounts in-house. However, it requires considerable time and/or investment, which can get in the way of running a profitable business.

Having your own dedicated accountant can relieve the stress and cost involved in limited company accounting. Your accountant can help you manage your business finances effectively, streamline costs and pave the way for future growth. What’s more, our fees are tax deductible!

Who is responsible for updating Companies House?

It is the legal obligation of the director(s) of a limited company to ensure that Companies House is kept updated with any changes to the company’s information. This includes information on directors, registered office address, share structure, and any significant changes to the company’s activities or constitution.

Failure to comply with these obligations can result in penalties or fines, so it’s crucial for directors to stay proactive in maintaining accurate records with Companies House. At Treetops, we offer company secretarial services to stay on top of these legal responsibilities.

An accounting expert from Treetops can call you back at a time that suits you.

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