Things to Do in Guildford

Between London and Portsmouth is situated one of the highlights of Surrey known as the town of Guildford. Guildford is well-known for its prominent business presence, with many large, global companies sitting next to acclaimed local sectors in finance and accounting services in Guildford offering exceptional service, yet there is much more to Surrey’s most prominent town than just its financial reputation.

Guildford boasts an eclectic mix of attractions and events that will appeal to a range of personal tastes both contemporary and historic. Read on to discover some of the highlights of things to do when in Guildford.

Experience the Hip Local Music Scene at the Boilerroom

In addition to finance, Guildford is also home to a hip and thriving arts scene, with up and coming musicians providing countless hours of entertainment at the Boilerroom. Nationally recognised as a preeminent fixture to experience some of the UK’s best new musical talents, a visit here will go far beyond a visit to a traditional pub.

Take a Ride On a Steam Train at Cathedrals Express

Steam trains are the epitome of a bygone era in British life, but Guildford is home to one of the most popular steam train attractions in the country–The Cathedrals Express. There is nothing like taking a ride across the English countryside on a vintage steam train and this will also allow you to take in some of Surrey’s most pristine landscapes.

Tour a Luxurious Country Estate at Hatchlands Park

It’s not every day that many people get to experience what life was and is like on a lavish country estate, but Hatchlands Park places you in the center of this experience where stretches of sweeping parkland shelter a classic country house. Hatchlands Park is one of the largest country estates in the green belt surrounding Greater London and a day spent at this park provides a relaxing way to experience some of Guildford’s most famous vistas.

Take a Tour of Guildford Castle

Save for a few years in the mid-seventeenth century, England has always been one of the world’s most noteworthy kingdoms, with castles covering nearly every county in the nation. Guildford Castle has long been unoccupied, however, the ruins have been restored and the surrounding gardens provide pristine beauty for onlookers during any season.

Be sure to visit the statue and shrine of Alice from Alice Through the Looking Glass, which is a popular attraction dedicated to Lewis Carroll who used to stay near the castle in his youth.

In Summary

It goes without saying that Guildford sometimes gets a reputation as a beautiful town with superior living, yet a relatively boring place to live. Excitement is always in the eye of the beholder and Guildford is a bustling town full of artistic endeavours and heritage that places the best aspects of the past firmly in the present.

If all else fails, the surrounding countryside and the beauty it provides is enough to charm even the hippest and modern traveler to the distinctive merits of Guildford.

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